My name is Ashlea and I've always loved collecting pretty things. Growing up in Florida, my childhood was spent pouring over the stretches of sand down at our local beach and trying to spot the most vibrant looking shells that had washed up on the shore. I would gather them all in my little hand and roll them over and over again between my fingers, admiring their textured surfaces and beautiful colors. There was something so special about holding something so delicate and so mesmerizing in my hands. From a young age, I could tell

that there was truly something beautiful to be discovered in nature.

Fast forward a few decades and I'm still collecting pretty things. I still scour the beach for shells or the random piece of mermaid glass and when one catches my eye, I still pick it up and roll it between my fingers as I smile at its beauty. My infatuation with collecting and curating pieces of nature is what ultimately drew me to flowers. Each type of bloom is so unique and intricate, stunning and inspiring. Flowers have a way of making people smile. With just a few stems, you can brighten someone's day in an instant and I just can't help but want to be apart of that.

The Little Flower Bunch is the blending together of my life-long journey and everything I've gathered along the way. This business is a combination of the joy that came from my early collections, the passion to love others that my parents instilled in me and the determination I learned through school and college. It's the fusion between the zest for life that I learn from watching my husband and the tenacity I gained from moving across the globe for a few years. The Little Flower Bunch is more than just pretty things, as much as there is immense beauty in it all. It's gusto and celebration and grace and warmth all at the same time and I truly thank you for being a part of it. Thank you for supporting this journey, buying our flowers and entrusting us to deliver a little bit of love to those that you care about!

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